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Product | Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser to Boost Personal Hygiene

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Update time : 2020-07-07 13:56:17

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has frightened most people recently, warning that door handle, residential area, elevator, and so on might all become the intermediary of spreading coronavirus.


In addition to the necessary protective measures of wearing masks, hands for disinfection and sterilization has now become increasingly important as their constant contact with all kinds of objects. In this case, a portable soap dispenser becomes a must for most public places.


The significance of hand hygiene

Before knowing the importance of the automatic soap dispenser for hand hygiene, we must first gain an idea of hand hygiene. Risk experts believe that correctly washing hands is one of the most economical and most effective measures to prevent and reduce risks of infection.


The principle to judge if hand washing is necessary is depending not only on whether going out, but whether touching the susceptible or contaminated articles or not.


It is recommended that people should wash their hands in the following circumstances: before meals or before taking medicine, before reaching the sensitive parts such as eyes; after defecation; after contacting garbage; after going out and returning; before wearing masks and after removing masks, etc.


Experts believe that in addition to ensuring the washing time, hand washing methods are worth attention. The critical steps of correctly washing hands are including the washing of the palms, finger joint, hand back, thumb, fingertip, and wrist.




How the automatic soap dispenser work for containing pandemic?

In the face of the current epidemic situation, together with the returning work period, the containing of the outbreak becomes a top priority. RIVERS, assisting in the returning work of enterprises, bring its excellent solution, the multi-dimensional disinfectant dispenser.

An automatic soap dispenser plays a critical role in preventing the spread of the virus. It provides a washing condition to ensure sterile hands before entering occasions, such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, hospitals, subways, community/office elevators, hotels, banks, etc.


An automatic soap dispenser can carry 75% alcohol disinfectant or wash-free germicidal hand washing gel, which is the standard disinfectant for the prevention of coronavirus infection.

Moreover, the whole washing process is gone through without any touching. Soap liquid can be automatically sprayed within 0.25 seconds by infrared induction, avoiding direct contact so as to reduce the possibility of cross-infection. The automatic sanitizer dispenser is also used antibacterial shell to avoid bacteria retention.

As for the tray setting, equipped with a tray, the inductive disinfectant dispenser will collect residual liquid to keep the floor clean and prevent unnecessary pollution. In terms of support, the automatic sanitizer dispenser can stand anywhere without mounting on the wall, and the metal materials of the pedestal can withstand long-term high pressure.

The most convenient feature of the automatic soap dispenser is its two charging methods. If you want to place it in a place where there is no socket, 4 pcs AA-size alkaline batteries can be put in to make it work.

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